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Thursday 11 December 2014

No 7 Christmas Makeup Look 1

In the summer you may have seen my 'Summer Make Up Looks' from No 7. Well as the Christmas parties have started in ernest, No 7 has challenged me to try out some make up looks for this season.

No 7 Christmas Makeup

The first I have tried is the Sensational Party Sparkle featuring shimmering eys make up, nails and cheeks combined with extra black lashes and a plum lip.

No 7 Christmas Makeup

No 7 Christmas Makeup

Of the products I worked with, I loved the Radiant Spheres Highlighter which looks fabulous highlighting cheekbones and is super pretty in the pallet. The new Midnight Lash Mascara is also a great addition to No 7's lash wardrobe, adding party volume to your lashes and is super black in colour, making your lashes look party-ready.

The Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation in Calico has become my daily staple since trying it out for this look, it gives a medium coverage and is really light on the completion, fabulous.

I've tried the Stay Perfect Shade And Define in Glistening Ray before and although I do like the effect it gives as soon as it is applied,I do find that it doesn't fix well to the skin, and it ends up in the creases of my eye lids if I use as a eye shadow. I think it is more effective as a liner, in particular in the inner corner of your eyes. The Metallic Eyes Pencil in Camouflage is a really pretty colour and particularly striking for brunettes, but the pencil itself is a little hard, so application isn't the easiest on soft areas of skin.

What make up goodies will you be trying out for your Christmas parties?

No 7 Christmas Makeup

No 7 Christmas Makeup

No7 High Shine Lipgloss in Plum Blush £9.00
No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Camouflage £6.50 
No7 Stay Perfect Shade And Define in Glistening Ray £8.00
No7 Midnight Lash Mascara normally £13.50 - currently reduced to £10.00
No7 Radiant Spheres Highlighter £12.00
No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter £9.99
No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation 30ml in Calico £14.50
No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour in Golden Sands £7.00


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