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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Label m Brunette texturing spray

I love hair with volume, sadly my locks have other ideas. In order to create the effect, over the years I have tried a variety of tactics with varying success, including backcombing (brutal but effective!) dry shampoo and litres of hair spray. Recently I have been giving Label M's Brunette Texturising Spray (£12.95 label m). A hybrid between a dry shampoo and hair spray the mist create lift by adding texture to the hair, without the damage of backcombing and the dryness of hairspray. For lazy days it creates a messy backcombed look, but for a more glamorous occasion you can then smooth over with a bristle brush and pin into place.

Why it is aimed for brunette's I'm unsure as there doesn't appear to be any pigment in the product, but label m do have a standard texturising volume spray (£12.95 label m) with similar properties you could do for as a blonde or red-head.

As a current promotion, if you purchase 2 label m products you will also receive Jean-Pierre Braganza label m unisex sunglasses (pictured) to complete your look.

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