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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Autumn Walk along the river wearing Primark AW collection

I love a trip to Putney and it has become a regular haunt in the last six months with one of my besties who lives their being on mat-leave as well. After the babies decided to have a nap-relay when one was asleep whist the other awake, we had to stay in for longer than we wanted, but as soon as they were both awake, we headed out to the Embankment to enjoy the autumnal sunshine and the goreouse Thames views, watching the rowers and boats enjoying the good weather too.

Helen was my photographer (with two buggies by her side!) and snapped up this autumnal outfit - which was mainly from Primark, so an absolute bargain.

Shirt-jumper £12 approx - can't remember or find online, but is in stores! Primark


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