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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Baby Halloween

Happy Halloween! I hope that you've got some lovely plans. Mine kicked off yesterday with by hosting a baby's first Halloween party. With fifteen of my NCT, post natal group and neighbours coming over, I hot-footed it to Waitrose on Thursday evening to stock up on decorations and yummy treats.

I didn't have the time or inclination this year to make a pumpkin lamp and as the party was in the morning I didn't feel it would be as effective. So, instead, I popped a whole pumpkin and three munchkins on my island unit with a sparkly spider some candles.

Around the house I dangled and draped the remaining spiders, fluffy little bats happy Halloween banner and bat foils, then to get us truly in the mood I found a terrible Halloween playlist on Spotify - one track was just wolves howling. Not ideal.

All though I had tempted the mummies over with bubbles - they were never popped and instead we settled with tea and coffee, which was probably best at 10am... Although I had envisaged that I would bake up beautiful themes cakes and treats, inevitably I outsourced. I was a little disappointed with selection of Halloween cakes in the supermarkets - but I opted for Waitrose pumpkin decorated cupcakes and Halloween fondant fancies.

I had got thinking about Baby Sophie's costume a few weeks ago - you may have seen my post on my top choices. The girls as F&F at tesco did see it and thoughtfully sent Soph the baby ghost costume. She looked adorable in the tutu style dress and the Boo! tights will surly get another wear! The other babies all made the effort too, with some going the extra mile and handmaking costumes - Finn the spider and Count Ernie have very creative mums!

I was the only adult to join the babies in getting dressed up. Thankfully I had only made a gesture rather than going the hole hog - dressed in black with a cat ear headband and making a few whiskers with some eyeliner.

As soon as the party was over we grabbed the decorations and jumped in the pre-packed car off to the inlaws in Devon, (yup totally forgot to take off the cat makeup...) where I re hung the decorations ready for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully S managed to keep her outfit relatively clean so it can come back out for a re-show today.

So all in all a fabulous, but busy, 1st Halloween for baby Sophie. 


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