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Thursday 16 June 2016

Back to work stationery

I have been back to work for a few months now and mat-leave seems a distant memory. I do keep looking back to pictures of this time last year with a touch of sadness that those precious and short-lived baby days have gone. Toddler Sophie is so much fun - but long gone are the long afternoons spent cuddling a sleeping baby!

When my return to work was looming, new stationary was an obvious retail fix. I love Caroline Gardener's Heart Print, so I decided to overdose on it! Being a teacher, a pencil case is vital from moving between desk and classrooms with out loosing my matching pens and pencils and this one is just a beauty - esp with its little leather tag. I'm a real list person (often writing a few things I've already done just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them out...!) so I do love this matching notebook to boot.

I love the little heart shaped notelets - as have the girls I teach - making some activities more fun just for using them. This heart shaped little box is also super handy to keep on my desk to keep paperclips etc which tend to go walkies nice and contained.

Who doesn't use post-it notes constantly? We  I do and I just love this pack with different sizes and patterns to choose from. I can give my male colleagues notes on the striped rather than the heart print, which may get them second guessing....!


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