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Tuesday 5 July 2016

Mum Fitness Solution

After having baby Sophie I was keen to get back in shape, but having had a c-section I also needed to take it pretty slowly, opting for mum & baby pilates and yoga session where Sophie could come with me and hopefully sleep through the sessions. As she has got older, more alert and needing more entertaining it has been trickier rather than getting easier to get active. I’ve worked out that as much as I love going to classes, they are going to have be reserved for the weekend when daddy-care is on tap. So during the week, running is a great option; there are no fixed times - so I can nip out if I have time between finishing work and picking up baby from day-care or be ready to go as soon as my husband walks through the door. Solution found. 

If I’ve got time, I try and squeeze in a few ab or leg exercises too - planking and squats tend to be the go-tos as they are pretty easy to get right and I’m not likely to injure myself in the process! As I’ve been donning my running vest and lyra I’ve also had to get my underarms out of hibernation - who knows who you might run into at the local park?

I hate having prickly underarms so I am enthusiastic with the razor, but was shocked to find out that every time you shave you are also shaving off 36% of your own skin. So to avoid red and irritated underarms it is important to choose an anti-perspirant that also nourishes this forgotten part of your body too. Dove Original Anti-perspirant provides superior care for your underarms as it contains 1/4 moisturising cream. Helping take care of this sensitive area, it has become of my daily beauty, and pre-run essentials. I know I am vein, but I do tend to pop on some mascara and spray away 'in need of a wash' locks with dry shampoo if I'm going for a run first thing too...

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