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Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Long Weekend in Devon

Being a teacher, the endless summer means that as well as our big holiday, I have to persuade the husband to take us on a few long weekends away too. One of those trips back in May half term was a trip to Devon. I am super lucky to have my in-laws living in a gorgeous UK holiday destination, so it means we get to mini break here numbers times a year. It is a long drive, especially for littles ones, so we decided to set off after the bedtime routine hoping that Sophie would fall asleep for the journey.

As little S has become not so little it was also the time for a new car seat, and this long journey was to be its debut. We opted for the Maxi Cosi AxissFix which you can set as either forward or rear facing. The safety specs are all super high - but what I love most is that it swivels so getting the little lady in and out whist carrying a million and one other items in a dream. Sophie must have senses the enormity of the occasion and decided that looking out of the window was far most exciting than going to the land of nod…. but as we hit the A303 she gave in to her heavy eyes for the rest of the journey.. 

As we were heading down for nearly a week I had a long list of activities I was keen to do with Sophie new she is toddling about and loving exploring the world around her. Paignton Zoo was on the hit list so we packed up the car and headed on our adventure. Giraffes, big cats, elephants and gorillas were all out to be pointed at by my girl as the sun shore down on us. Although the ‘big animals’ are the ones you go wanting to see - my favourite were the giant tortoise and a cheeky peacock who followed us for a while. 

As Sophie has an afternoon snooze in the shade we enjoyed yummy ice creams and lay in the sunshine - bliss. 

 The other main time on my holiday to-dos was a trip to the beach. Sadly, we did not pick the best day weather-wise, but in true British fashion we headed out with our bucket and spade none the less. 

This was Sophie’s first proper trip the the beach and she loved building and knocking down sandcastles with Grandad before being popped on daddy’s back in the Baby Bjorn for a walk along the shore spotting windsurfers and dog walkers. Ideal.

We've got another little trip to Devon planned next month  which I'm really looking forward too as our week away in Rhodes (which we only returned from last weekend!) seems forever ago! I hope you all have some love Summer trips planned too.

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