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Monday 28 November 2016

The Muscat Diaries: Wadi Sharb

It has been a while since I've last written. Being back at work and general life with a toddler has taken over and I've been finding it increasingly challenging to have to have the time to sit and edit pictures and write. However, Sophie is currently snoozing, I've done a load of schoolwork and the husband is out so here I am tapping away.

So rewinding back three weeks  to our unforgettable trip to Oman and I'm going to share one of my favourite and more active days of our holidays, an adventure to Wadi Shab. A total surprise that it was such a fabulous day - little Sophie had not had a good night and I woke up tired, grumpy and wanting a lazy pool day! A wadi is basically a valley between the mountains in which water flows to the sea. Our friends we were staying with love heading up in the mountains with their little ones and as well as Giles taking the day of work to take us up, they also lent us all the equipment we needed.

Smothered in factor 50, we popped Sophie into a sturdy baby backpack, donned our trainers and headed off. We had to take a two minute boat trip across the little river and we were on our way. I'm so so pleased that  Giles came with us, as although the walking wasn't too challenging, I think I would have been really nervous taking Sophie without someone who had experience of where we were going and I'm sure I would have made Gareth turn home about five minutes in! But, boy I'm glad I didn't, as the scenery was beautiful. The contrast of the grey mountains against the turquoise water was stunning. After about and hours walk, we got to the fun part - swimming, rock jumping and cave exploring. I had worried about dressing correctly in a public area and opted for a rash vest and boardies, but lots of western women were wearing bikinis. We popped Sophie in a rubber ring and arm bands and she LOVED it. Luckily we had a waterproof camera and were able to take a few pics along the way too.

Someone fell asleep on the return trip after all the energy used up swimming... and we stopped off for  yummy and well earned shawarma (grilled meat and salad wraps - so good!) on the way home. One of the top days of our holiday... More Muscat diaries to follow...

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