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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday: one of the best days of the year. Spring is with grasping distance and who does't enjoy a yummy pancake (or three?!). I remember when I was little it was a real event, with my primary school teachers getting us to make saucepans and pack cakes and having competitions to toss them. Then when we'd get home from school, mum would make us wait util after dinner to have our packs for pudding. A special day

Sophie is months away from being two and is into EVERYTHING so this year we thought we'd have ago at making pancakes as a family. Sophie loved staring the batter with me using a wooden spoon of her own like mummy.

We also played with her kitchen toys pretending to make the batter and fry the pancakes in her little pan. She's really starting to pick up lots of words now so she squealed 'cook' with delight repeatedly. My heart melts.

I am a traditional lemon and sugar girl. Nothing beats it. But I laid on a spread of fruit (and chocolate for daddy!) treats to choose from.

A pancake isn't a pancake without being flipped in the air. Gareth is far more accomplished at this then I am - but you have to have a go, and I look very pleased with myself having landed my pancake, despite it being a twisted mess in the pan! 

Then for the best bit - getting tucked in! Sophie did far more playing than eating, but she seemed to enjoy her first proper pancake day!

The only problem with pancakes is that you don't really get to enjoy them together as they really are best eaten straight away, and being greedy we can't wait to cook the next one! However I saved my last pancake so we could eat them as a family and savour the final moment of our new family tradition.

Now I just need to decide what to give up for lent...


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