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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Microblading and Powder Brows in Weybridge

The Little Palour gave this as a complementary treatment, but all options expressed are my own.
I've never been happy with my eyebrows. In my early teens they were unruly (I remember my best friend referring to them as slugs!!!) until I plucked them into near extinction before trying to grow them back without much success. Since my early thirties I've pencilled them in or used brow powder to give a stronger brow and evening them out, as the lady that threads my brows had told me that they were uneven too... I'm painting beautiful picture aren't I?! When I heard about semi-permenant make-up, I had instantly dismissed it as an option for me. I thought it sounded faddy, a bit scouser-brow and most importantly, what if I were to change my mind?!

Years later, after seeing loads of before and after pictured of microblading and just how natural it looked - I became tempted. Saving moments in the morning, having the perfect shaped brows, rather than fining out I've pencilled in a wonk or gone heavier on one side then another sounded very appealing! The Little Palour in Weybridge has always been a salon I've trusted. I went to them for eyelash extensions and a spray tan before my wedding - serious trust!! So when I found out that salon owner Naomi was experienced in Microblading I started thinking about it a lot more seriously.

So back in the summer, I want in to discuss options with Naomi. She totally understood my reservations and promised me she would be able to create a really soft and natural look - no scouser brow! We discussed a couple of options, microblading, which is where individual hairs are 'drawn' and powder brow, which creates a softer look - like you've used a brow powder on your brows. We decided to use a combination of the techniques to create the look I was after. At the same time she performed a patch test and gave me some numbing cream.

The 'before' shot
An hour before the treatment I popped a thick layer of the numbing cream onto my brows which I then covered with clingfilm (a strong look!) don't worry, I wiped this off for my walk to the salon...!

Naomi then set to work designing my brows with pencil, measuring them to make sure they were even and consistent.

When I was happy, Naomi started. The procedure wasn't painless; uncomfortable rather than unbearable with some areas being more sensitive then others. The powder brow sections were achieved using an electronic needle, not too dissimilar to what is used by tattoo artists. The Microblading - which creates the individual hairs, uses a little (micro!) blade, to make a small cut in the skin, to which the dye is added.

At the end of the treatment (which lasted about an hour and a half), I was a little alarmed, my brows were looking much bolder than I anticipated. Larger, darker and quite shiny. Naomi assured my that they would fade and shrink and not to worry... but I felt a bit nervous still I must admit!!!

Just after the treatment
I was given instructions on how to look after them, I needed to wipe them with cool boiled water every 2 hours for the first day, and applying a small amount of Savlon every 4 hours. This became less frequent over the next few days and then after 5 days I just needed to use oil to keep the moisturised.

Four days after the treatment, my brows started to scab, which is totally normal. When I was told this was going to happen I thought it sounded horrible, but in reality what happened was that the top layer of skin just gradually came off - it wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all - I just had to resist the urge not to pick, as this can make the final brows patchy.

After the scabbing had finished, my brows looked much less intense and over the next few weeks they gradually got a little darker as the skin healed and went back to being translucent.

I was meant to go back for a top up a 5/6 weeks later later, at the end of August but this is when I found out I was pregnant and as the procedure isn't recommended when you're expecting I had to cancel the follow up. As a result, my brows are a little patchy, but only to the extent that I would notice. If I had been able to have the second appointment, I would have been a bit more daring, knowing how much they do calm down, and would go for a slightly darker shade, as because I was so nervous, Naomi went for a shade slightly lighter than my natural colour.

Three months after one treatment

I do LOVE the result, my brows are now the perfect shape - and I don't need to pencil them in saving precious minutes in my hectic routine.  Having stronger brows rally suite my face and is really flattering. I would totally recommend if you are considering it despite the cost. At The Little Palour in Weybridge, the two treatments costs £395, comprising of the two treatment sessions with the aftercare products. The results last up to two years, when you can have them topped up.

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