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Monday, 20 May 2019

Spring day out with the family

Written in paid collaboration with Lansinoh but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Spring is an amazing time to have a baby, although I haven’t got much to compare it too as both Sophie and Chloe were born in April. The last night-feed doesn’t seem too bad when then sun is starting to rise and you can hear the birds singing - you don’t feel like you’re the only one awake at that ungodly hour!  Another amazing thing is that it’s getting warmer, getting out of the house is much more achievable, so getting plenty of fresh air and sunlight (all that daylight is meant to boost serotonin and help baby sleep better at night!). We love outings to National Trust venues and RHS Wisley which is just down the road where Sophie can run around, explore and burn off some energy. The coffee is strong and the gorgeous seasonal flowers make it the perfect backdrop for all the Instagram shots too… 

Last weekend we headed to Wisley to see one of my best friends Victoria and her family for them to meet baby Chloe. The picnic was packed, but as I am elusively breastfeeding all we needed for Chloe was the changing kit. 

I have mentioned previously that I haven’t found breastfeeding easy, for either Sophie to Chloe, so getting the best products to help has been important to me. I have used Lansinoh nipple cream religiously to prevent and treat cracking and their nursing pads have always been my go to, so so much more comfortable that any of the competitors, it is one of the times that the top brand IS so much better than others (I have had to get rid of pack of chemist own brand as I couldn’t bear how synthetic an uncomfortable they felt). When Lansinoh approached me to ask if I would like to try their new Washable Nursing Pads I was really keen. I hate how much waste new babies create so they seemed an excellent idea. I was so impressed at how comfortable they are, even more so then their disposable versions - I also think they are less visible as the shape looks more natural.

I wore the Washable Nursing pads all day, playing in the playground with the kiddies, our picnic lunch when I also fed Chloe then a walk to burn it off, stopping at the wisteria and rhododendrons to get all the pretty pictures! 

It was then time for Victoria’s family to head back home to Eastbourne (I really, really, really want her to move back to Surrey!!!) and we headed to my parents for a family BBQ to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. My parents have the most beautiful garden (you can see some picture of it here from Sophie’s 3rd birthday party!) so Sophie played with her cousins before we feared on all of the food before heading home for bedtime.

My bedtime is shortly after Sophie’s nowadays to try at get a few hours in before the first night feed. I swapped the Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads for a fresh pair overnight and again found that they were super comfortable overnight. 
I can’t comment on how absorbent they are as I don’t tend to let down until I’m feeding, I wear the pads for the security of knowing I won’t get wet patches and to have a soft layer close to my skin to prevent irritation too.


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