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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Micro-Pedi Portable Pedicure

This weekend premiers my festive celebrations, so this week I'm trying to get my self party-ready, but with a few months fluctuating between central heating and frosty outdoor temperatures my skin is certainly not glowing and my feet have been hibernating in UGGs so I'm not sure they will acclimatise to the peep top stilettos I've got planned for them.

Starting from toe upwards, I've given the Micro-Pedi a whirl to try to transform my tootsies. This little battery powered gadget uses mineral rollers which rotate at an impressive 30x per second buffing away dead skin, to leave your feet feeling smooth and soft.

The rollers are interchangeable and you can choose from the red roller or the blue industrial strength for super dry skin. It’s like a pumice without the arm ache!

My girly feet I didn't feel were much of a challenge, so I let it lose on Mr blogmebeautiful's cracked and dry feet to see how the Micro-Pedi fared.

The results were slightly revolting, but impressive as volumes of dry skin started to be buffed off by the 'extra strength' roller. Filling away his cracked heels and dry areas on the balls of his feet.

I can't recommend using a towel under the feet strongly enough - you don't want to get dead skin ingrained in your carpet!

My before and after pics didn't come up too well, but didn't look too dissimilar to those on the marketing snaps after some thick foot cream has also been rubbed in, although the deep cracks on Mr bmb's feet were still visible (bless him!)

If you have really dry, cracked feet or calluses have started to build up, I'd definitely recommend, but if you're feet are in generally good nick, your £39.95 might be better spent on a luxurious foot cream. currently have £10 off the Micro-Pedi so grab yourself a bargain!

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  1. This is timely..I was just thinking how I need to sort my heels out, was having a massage on saturday and all I could think of was the dry skin that the poor beauty therapist was probably looking at! Scarlet. I'll def give this ago, was going to get that pedi egg thing but it actually really creeps me out. Great nail colour too! x'


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