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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sleep in rollers

I love my heated rollers as you may have seen in previous posts, however the time they take to heat up, put in, leave to cool before taking out eats far too much into my weekday morning time and therefore is generally saved for weekends and holidays.

Could Sleep In Rollers be the answer? All the prep is done the night before, so in the morning you just take them out for big, bouncy hair. Genius. Last week I gave them ago, finding their velcro texture held the hair easily without needing the supplied clips and off I headed to bed. Mr blogmebeautiful was a little surprised, but he is getting used to my weird and wonderful beauty regimes!

Ready for bed in my Sleep In Rollers
Despite being designed to flatten like a sponge, I didn't sleep like a princess, finding it awkward to get into a comfortable position, but I persisted and managed to get a reasonable amount of shut eye and didn't pull the rollers out during the night.

In the morning it was time to reveal the gorgeous locks I had worked for during the night and came to my next difficulty, although the velcro was amazing for keeping the rollers in - they stayed in fabulously all night, this was problematic to remove them. This in turn pulled out the curl in my hair, but did leave me with fabulous volume at the roots, which lasted most of the day.
Fab volume, no curls...
Not a replacement for my heated rollers, but a good product if you sleep like a baby and are after some body boosted into your roots and at only £16.50 for 20 rollers, pins and bag to house them, totally affordable.


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