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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bridesmaid-ing and spray tans

This is the year of weddings for me, with so many of my close friends tying the knot - I'm in wedding fever! As the sun hasn't been out I'm looking snowy white so I've been having to fake it up for the nuptual celebrations. Generally I am happy to do a DIY job, but I've been bridesmaid a couple of times this season, and couldn't risk dodgy hand/wrist tanning which would spoil the buttoning up the bride's dress shots, so I've handed myself over to the professionals.

For the wedding of the gorgeous Suzie I opted for a Sienna tan applied by Divine Beauty salon at Muir and Kerr in Cambridge (£25 with a 10% discount for new customers). Dawn, my therapist, was such a lovely lady (possibly my fav ever...!) carefully applying moisturiser to my palms, elbows and knees before applying the tan. I opted for a mid shade as I think a natural shade is a bit more bridal. After my shower the next morning a lovely rich tan was revealed and although I had the tan applied on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday wedding, still looked great on the day.

At Suzie's wedding sporting the Sienna tan (I'm in the coral dress to the left of the bride)

For the beautiful Vikki's wedding I was back in Surrey and popped into The Little Parlour in Weybridge which stock Sienna and California Sunless Tan (£28 although they currently have all their spray tans on offer for £19.99), which my therapist recommended as it is a more golden shade compared to Sienna which has more 'brick red' undertones. Again I went for the medium rather than the dark shade for a more romantic, wedding-friendly shade!

At Vikki's big day, in the California tan, I'm on the left in the long white dress.
So comparing the two, I think both were lovely golden brown shades and neither had the typical 'biscuit' fake tan tell-tell aroma! The California seemed to fade more evenly but I noticed a bit of patching on my arms after when the Sienna fades. However, I would definitely get both tans again and may well opt for the darker shades next time!


  1. Wowee, you look quite delicious! Absolutely LOVE wedding season! I'm a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding next summer, and have a niggling feeling I'm going to end up looking like a cross between a Rottweiler and a disappointing meal.

    Definitely taking your advice and going to find a gorgeous, fake tan! I can only hope I look as lovely as you when wedding fever strikes! Xx

  2. Thanks Kathy - really sweet of you to say! I'd definetly reccomed a spray tan, the Xen spray tan is a good option too x


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