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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What's mine is yours

Having never lived with a boy (I don't include my dad!) until moving in with Mr blogmebeautiful about two years ago and I didn't really know what to expect. Horror stories of boys taking over the bathroom and ruining my home-spa concerned me despite him being a good house guest over the past five years of our relationship. Luckily he has been trained well by my future mother-in-law and apart from getting lots of water on the floor post showering I don't have too much to complain about.

My bathroom-spa (I wish...!)

Living with the girls definitely had beauty benefits, discovering new beauty products and being able to borrow shampoo when yours has run out. However, living with males also has some benefits in this department also. I am becoming rather partial to Mr bmb's Nivea for Men's Sensitive shaving foam and his unfragranced Lynx antiperspirant is pretty good too. Apparently I am not alone is this, with Asda's recent survey suggesting that 44% of women use their partner's shaving foam at least twice a month and nearly half regularly using his antiperspirant.

NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Shaving Foam 200mlLynx 7035 A/P Spray Sensitive 150ml

This swap isn't one sided, with almost half of Asda's male shoppers helping themselves to the girl's bathroom cabinet. Unsurprisingly moisturiser is the most coveted item, closely followed by deodorant. More unexpected was the 16% admitting to using their partners hairspray and concealer (my other half has never used those, thank goodness...!).

So girls, what do you borrow from your boy?

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  1. Hi Emily. I'm definitely one of those ladies who uses hubby's shaving foam! In fact, I never buy my own :)Why would I when they are designed to be used on the sensitive skin on their faces? Only the best for my pins and underarms.

    Becky H xx


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