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Friday, 11 January 2013

Nails of the day: Givenchy Vernis Please! Private Taupe

I'm still enjoying really muted nail tones at the moment. They do give a sophisticated finish to your look and allow a darker shade to be really understated.

My nails de jour are from the Givenchy HÔTEL PRIVÉ collection, which is available from 21st January. Inspired by the natural elegance of Parisian Hotels by Givenchy's International Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes.

The brown-grey shade donning my talons is VERNIS PLEASE! A limited Edition in N° 184 Private
Taupe (£13.00)

Designed to give the feel of plush elegance at your fingertips. Contemporary and timeless,
to harmonise the nails with the eyes.

I've also be sent the other nail shade in the collection: N° 183 Private Grey, which I'll be sharing with you next week...


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