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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Venus Naked Skin part 1

Venus have recently launched a new IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) product designed to reduce hair growth and asked if I fancied trying it out.

How to Use

You first need to prepare the area you wish to treat - legs, bikini line, under arms, stomach (wherever you want to remove hair from really) by shaving and popping on layer of the activation gel. You then have to test your skin type, by using the attachment. This automatically sets the level for you, so there is no fiddling about to do! Then you pop the window on to the skin and press the button, then repeating on the rest of the area.

How it works
It is really important that you shave first - as the IPL targets the melanin pigment which gives the colouring in the hair, but if dark hair is on the surface of the skin, this can cause the surface of the skin to absorb the light and become hot and may cause damage. This also affects who can use this treatment, working best on pale skin with dark hair - as the skin doesn't contain much of the absorbing melanin, but the hair does. The IPL caused the hair follicle to remain in a non-growth phase which is how is works as a hair removal system. for the first 3-6 months you need to repeat every 2 weeks, but then you only need to use every month or so to keep the hairs in the sleepy non-growth state.

How its has worked for me
So far I have used the system twice, I was really expecting it to be hot or hurt but have found that it is completely pain free - only getting hot if you used it for a prolonged period. The first time I tried it out I did all of my legs, but took forever, so now I have gone for smaller areas which is super quick and you don't get the heating issues! I have found that hair has grown back slower than usual, and I'm excited about the upcoming months when I'm hoping re-growth will be minimal - I'll keep you posted!

When you use the device the window leaves and imprint in the gel so it is easy to see where you have treated and what you have left to do - this has been an issue with other devices I've seen reviews of on other blogs.

The system comes in a neat white faux-leather case which houses the system, power leads and activation gel ( you receive 2 x 100ml tubes with the device) which is cute and no-one will know what it is!

The cost
Venus Naked Skin is a large payment initially (£449.99 on although add discount code: VENUS for a £100 discount!) but if you usually get a wax at £20-30 a time it will pay for itself over time and is much cheaper than getting professionally IPL treatment and you can do it at your own convenience.

Venus have also asked me to feedback via video posts, so if you are interested in seeing my video review and promise to be kind(!) pop to my You-Tube channel for a peak.

I'll be keeping you posted on how I get on! xxx

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