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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

bmb crafts: Make a pinboard

I found this old pinboard and decided that I wasn't going to chuck it out, but would give it a new lease of life!

The first thing to do was to choose the fabric I wanted to use to that would tie in with my decor. I wanted to emulate The White Company, so chose a grey fabric from John Lewis and some ivory ribbon with grey stitching from ebay. Then I found my staple gun and got going.
Luckily I had made sure that I had measured out mt pin board before popping into JLs and made sure that had a good 10cm extra in length and width to ensure the fabric would fit around the board and the wadding that I put down first. I stapled this all the way round, making sure it was all nice an snug without any pulls.


I had far too much fabric left over, so trimmed down until it was all nice and neat.

Next I added the ribbon (which is going to hold all your pretty invites, cards etc) again, using my trusty staple gun. I started with a cross, then measured out where I wanted my other ribbons to get an even spread, pinning the ribbon in position.

As a final touch, I placed peal headed pins where the ribbons crossed, but aw well as looking pretty, this will keep the ribbons and your goodies in place, again, these pins were found at John Lewis (what don't they sell?!) Depending on the length of the pin and the thickness of your board, you may need to bend the point end around using a pair of pliers to prevent scratching on your wall, or a sore finger!

An ta-da! My finished pin board, ready to be hung up and filled with the pretty!



  1. Yey, looks lovely Emily! And I love the pretty nails too. Definately a crafting pre-requisite. x

  2. Yey! Great crafting Emily. Love the pretty nails too. Definately a crafing pre-requisite x

  3. Thanks Verity! Pleased with my first attempt! X


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