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Monday, 13 May 2013

Naked hair care

Last week a little package from naked popped through my door and I couldn't wait to try this hair care range, as the products are 97% natural, free from the nasties (sulphate so parabens and petrochemicals) exchanging them more gentle ingredients.

I tried out the hydrating shampoo, which contains honey and mallow, which gives a subtle aroma to he product. Being free from sulphates it has a softer lather, but if you need the soapy suds feeling, you can just use more, or the lather become thicker if you do a second shampoo. The hydrating properties don't stop at the hair follicle, as the natural ingredients don't strip your scalp of the essential oils that keep your skin moisturised. This also will help if you are susceptible to skin irritation or dandruff. The gentle ingredients are also kind on colour, so will help keep the skinny highlights I've just had in my hair looks fresh.

I then followed up with the hydrating conditioner, which is brimming with buttermilk and green tea to improve the elasticity of your hair cultivar, which helps with glossiness of your locks. It did leave my hair feeling super smooth, but none of the plastic feeling you get from some other brands, due to zero petrochemical  residue.

The final product from the range I've got my hands on is the extra shiny finishing serum. As you hopefully can see in the photo, the serum is full if iridescent particles which help give you the swish factor, but the elimination of silicon means that you won't get synthetic product build up, which can damage the hair, causing weakness and loss of natural sheen.

All these naked goodies are under £5 and available from Boots.


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