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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Melvita: Plumping Rose and Bio-Excellence Naturalift

I am having a bit of a rose skincare moment, and the Plumping Rose collection from Melvita due to launch next month is on my current skincare regime.The Bee Farm founded french brand uses organic products to create their skincare products, in conjunction with supporting ecological issues and safeguarding the future of their favorite buzzy friends.

The collection is designed to combat the first signs of aging using the moisutrising properties of rose petals combined with extracts from rose hip (the vitamin rich fruit). This is meant to plump the skin, pushing out wrinkles and aiding luminosity. It works by promoting the production of tiny blood vessels in your skin, which mean your skin cells get extra oxygen and nutrients which keen them happy and healthy.

The range consists of three products, the Radiance Duo (£25/50ml) Serum (£34/30ml) and Cream - not pictured (£30/40ml). The big shout is about the Radiance due, which is a combination of Damask Rose water and oil (which you shake before use to mix. I really like it as I'm not a massive facial oil fan as I find it too greasy, but this due is so light disappears into the skin instantly. It is very delicately fragranced, which is a positive for me as I'm not a huge rose fan scent-wise. The pretty pink serum which I've then applied over the radiance due (not sure if this is the correct way round, but hey...) has another rose boost.

I haven't tried the Plumping Radiance Cream, however, I've been enjoying a sneak preview try of the Bio-Excellence Youthful Day Cream (£36/40ml) which doesn't launch until September which helps to firm the skin. Well, I'd probably overdosed on rose by then anyway! The dispenser is really nifty, with a pump and squeezy tube, so you can make sure none gets left in the bottom of the bottle - result.

As pleased as I have been with the products themselves, the packaging doesn't really scream premium skincare, for what is a reasonably pricey range.


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