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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Miss Elegant Touch Candy Dip Nails

I really like having an accent nail and nail glitter and gems are a really fun way to achieve the look rather than tricky (and time consuming) nail art, so I was looking forward to testing out the new Candy Dip collection from Miss Elegant Touch. There are five different packs, each named after a old fashioned sweet, each containing three different glitter packs. Sherbet Lemon contains super bright neon shades which would be perfect for festivals, and I think the larger gold glitter in the Liquorice set would add a fun touch to a black tie event or prom. Each of the packs are priced at £4.49 and are on buy one get one half price offer at Superdrug.

The pack comes with double sided adhesive tabs in a range of sizes, although, all but the smallest were too wide for my narrow(ish) nail beds on my ring  finger, so if I wanted to got go glittery on my pinkie I'd have to trim them down, but I suppose this makes them more flexible for anyone to use. They are also super long, so you then trim or file them down to the length of your nail. Then comes the fun bit - dipping the sticky nail into the glitter pot, then use a brush to dust off the excess. If you leave it there, the glitter will last last a few hours, but if you want a longer lasting mani, pop a topcoat over the top. I also experimented by dipping a nail with wet top coat, rather than a nail wrap which also worked really well, but was harder to remove than jut pealing off.

I teamed the neon yellow glitter with a pale sunshine yellow polish (Lemon Tarte from Seventeen) to create these nails, but I'm planning my next glitter mani already.

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