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Friday, 23 May 2014

My picks from the Cutagen Skincare range

I do like discovering a new affordable skin care brand, and recently I was sent a range of samples from Cutagen try out. The British company has its research labs based in Cambridge and Lancashire where they combine the expertise from medical, microbiolgical, molecular and cosmetic professionals.
The brand is divided into different ranges depending on your skin type; dry, combination  or oily/blemished and includes a range of body cleansers, hand washes, moisturisers and hand and body creams.
I've tried a range of sachets of the different products and the packshot images above are of my favorites.

The Gentlecare creme wash (£8.99/200ml) is a thick and creamy body wash which contains a mild cleanser so can be used on dry and sensitive skin types. It has no distinct fragrance, but smells of luxurious clean, if that makes sense! It leaves the skin well moisturized, so if your in a rush, you could manage without a body cream if your skin isn't too dry.

I also like the GentleCare intensive hand and body moisturiser (£5.99/200ml) which despite its' name, isn't too thick, so is good to use when the weather is hot and muggy. Being fragrance and colour free, it doesn't irritate sensitive skin and contains natural ingredients to protect the skin from water loss, calm and soften dry skin and add a dose of antioxidants. 

My final fav is the GentleCare 24hr hydrating moisturiser (£4.99/75ml) which is suitable for all skin types, also being fragrance and colour free. It is really light and sinks quickly into the skin.

If you fancy trying Cutagen for yourself, use the code BMB10PC on the Cutagen website and you will receive a 10% discount off the products.

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