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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Miller Harris Fruit Fragrance Set

Although I like the best selling perfumes, I love it more when someone asks me the fragrance I'm wearing. It makes it feel more individual and unique - which is important to me in a scent. Therefore I was intrigued to try these three mini bottles in the Fruit Fragrance set from Miller Harris. 

My fav of the three, which I have been wearing nearly non-stop since the lovely girls at QVC gave the the set, is Le Pamplemousse. Although I'm not a fan of the taste of grapefruit, I love the clean fresh fragrance it adds to scents. In this perfume, there is also a warmth from Moroccan flowers and cedar which adds luxury and depth. Again, featuring grapferuit and cedar, Fleur du Matin is a gorgeous scent, including more floral notes and Le Petit Grain is inspired by essence of the orange tree. The fragrances are really intense, which I like as they last on your skin for longer than weaker scents. I like the sophistication of the mini bottles, but sprays are easier to apply. I've managed to douse myself in Le Pamplemousee a couple of times! The trios are prices at £50 and each of the three mini bottles are 15ml, there are also two other trios available, in Wood - which I'd love to try in the winter as I love heavier fragrances, and Floral.


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