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Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Spring Hair Colour nice'n easy Medium Golden Brown

I have totally decided that Spring has sprung and as part of my beauty spring sort out, I needed to colour up the naught greys that are trying hide undetected. I always find dying my hair a little scary: Will I like the colour? Will it go super dark and take away any warmth from my complexion? Will it go really red in the sunlight? So when I home-dye I always opt for the the semi-perminent, as it gradually fades, rather than a fully permanent colour. I was recommended nice’n easy Medium Golden brown (colour 78) (£3.75 Superdrug) by UK Colour advisor of Clairol nice n' easy and Perfect 10 - Jonny Lockonego. So trusting his judgement (although he is always trying to make me go darker…) I took the plunge. I do find nice’n easy super simple to apply and then you only need to leave on for 15 mins then rise and condition with the Colour Seal Gloss which is provided. I do really like the colour, which has faded slightly in the week since I put it on (the photos show the day I first dyed it) and added a lovely shine and condition to my hair at the same time. It does have a slight reddish tinge under bright lights, but not upsettingly so!


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