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Friday, 7 August 2015

Clarins Beauty Bar

Trying to fit in a beauty treatment can be challenging when your busy at work, have little ones to look after or just life getting in the way. Although a long facial or massage is amazing, with the consultation before and the chill out time after, a big chunk of the day is gone. Last week I went into town and whilst I was there I popped into John Lewis on Oxford Street for a quick beauty fix. Next to the Clarins counter is the Clarins Beauty Bar, where, for £25 you can choose from a range of express treatments, including facials and massages. As I'd been complaining about my neck and shoulders aching recently, I opted for the 'Knot A Problem' massage to tease out all the tension. Although the under an hour treatments are on the shop floor, the area is sectioned off enough that it feels private and the hum of shoppers is the perfect white noise to help you zone out. You don't waste time getting undressed or changes as the therapist works around your clothes on a reclining chair.

The massage was phenomenal, one of the best I'd had for a while and really helped to relive the tight muscles in my neck and I felt relaxed but alert when we finished. I was then given some stretches that would help me and suggested Clarins products that she had used that I might like to try at home, but without the sales pitch.

I've been a fan of Clarins Tonic Oil (£40 John Lewis) but as I was keen to relax deeply, the therapist suggested using the Relax Oil (£40 John Lewis) which I really loved the smell of and it was recommended that I put some on a cotton wool pad and leave on my bedside table to help me relax at night. The Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate (£20 John Lewis) which I spoke about on my recent post was also recommended as was the Energizing Emulsion for Tired Legs (£26 John Lewis) but to use on my neck and shoulders and gives a tingling sensation as it cools and revives aching muscles.

I did love this treatment so much, that I've already booked my next session - the only problem is I loved the Knot A Problem massage so much, I don't think I'll be able to venture away to try something new!

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