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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Suncream Selection

It may not be suncream weather in the UK at the moment, but incase you are off on a September break - I'm off to the French Riviera in a few weeks time (whoop!) I thought I'd share with you may picks for keeping those pesky UV rays at bay and looking chic as you apply!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a snap I took whilst in Lake Garda last week of my lounger essentials, which included Nuxe Sun Protection Spray for Face and Body SPF 20 (£18/150ml M&S). I absolutely ADORE the fragrance, it smells sooooo good that mummy and sister BMB were keen to share this one! It is a cream spray, so doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all and is water resistant too.

I always pack a ultra high SPF - incase I get too much sun or if I'm on a day trip and don't want to get any strange tan lines! La Roche-Posay Anthelios Comfort Protective Oil SPF 50+ (£18/200ml Boots) fits the bill with its high SPF protection and UVA filtering system. It is a slightly thicker oil which makes sunned skin really shine but if your not an oil person you might find it a bit greasy. Formulated as 100% hypoallergenic containing minimum fragrance it is the perfect sun protection for sensitive skins.

Hate that first day of holiday feeling when you are the palest round the pool? Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tint Sun Spray Lotion SPF 15 with natural looking tint (£7.50/200ml Boots) as the name suggests has a hint of temporary tan in it to take the edge off without having to do a full pre-hols fake tan.

I always enjoy a post swim dry-off in the sun before re-applying my sun protection, but this does allow ageing UV rays a chance to do their damage. Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Spray SPF 15 (£6/150ml Sainsbury's) gets around this issue and is also extra water resistant to protect whilst you take that dip.

Finally I like to have a sun cream signed especially for my face, you won't put your body moisturiser on your face, so why do we with suncream? Going to one of my most trusted brands, Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream (£19.50/75ml John Lewis) uses its skincare knowledge in combination with sun protection, protecting from dehydration fighting ageing and wrinkles at the same time. I hate the age spots from too much sun on my face, so I might upgrade to the SPF 50+ version for my next trip.

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