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Monday, 9 November 2015

Favourite Eye Palettes

I do love an eye palette. They really help me to work out which colours go together rather than looking an entire beauty counter and trying to pick. Im not particularly wild when it comes to colour, but after a certain age bright eye shadows don't seem quite right... So a blend of nudes, browns, pink and darks is always my choice. So the three palettes that I am using all of the time for the past few months are these beauties. 

I spoke about the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette in my post here (£38 John Lewis) which I still adore, the gorgeous packaging and perfect combination of shades and guide for application. There are matte and shimmering nudes that you can wear alone on an off duty day and browns and greys to add a bit of extra definition and full on black to give the going out-out smoky eye. As I mentioned in my original post, the brush that comes in the palette is really good too, and I find myself using it on the other palettes too.

Clarins tends to release a limited edition eye palette  (£35 Boots) at this time of year and this years is a cracker. Like the Urban Decay palette, it contains 10 shades in matte, satin and iridescent textures. It stays more on the pink to brown side of the spectrum, with 5 different browns and a shimmery gold (perfect for Christmas!) but still includes the grey and black for that all important smoky eye. Helpfully it also includes some guidance for which shades to use where, which I always find really helpful and try out all the shades rather than sticking to two or three colours. The texture id beautiful and the shadows glide on and have staying power. The pigmentation isn't as bold ad there Urban Decay, but allows you to build up and is less scary for us non-pros! The packaging is less decadent than the Urban Decay, in a thick card, however, this is to minimise environmental impact.

Finally, the more budget friendly option from No7 in their 80th Anniversary Nude Eye Shadow Palette (£13.50 Boots). No 7 eye shadows are really good value as they are still good quality and have a gorgeous texture. This 8 shade palette covered all the nudes and browns you would ever need and is prettily packaged in a rode-gold case. Unlike the other two I've mentioned, there isn't the greys, blacks and purples, but if that is more you, they do have a Smoky Eye version of the palette.


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