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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Decorations: The White Company

In the second in my series of posts on my fave Christmas decorations (see my first on woodland animals), here are some beauties I've chosen for my 'Frosty Morn' tree. As I mentioned in my first post, this name was a Mickey take from the John Lewis theme a few years ago and the name stuck.

My eat-in kitchen is a range of different greys so it seems fitting for my tree to harmonise with the colour palette, so I decorate it with white and silver ornaments. To say I love The White Company is an understatement, for every room in my house I have tried to decorate and dress it as if it has fallen out of The White Company catalog and my Christmas House, well I try even harder to emulate their look. So naturally when looking for new decorations this is the first place I look. 

The cutest white houses with silver roofs are just too cute (Paper Town Houses set of two £12) and you can even pop in a battery tea light so the little windows glow as if the little people inside are having a party. I am hoping these go in the sale after christmas so I can stock up on a few more for next year too.

Keeping with the glitz, this art-deco jewelled wreath (Vintage Jewelled Wreath £10) is stunning and is a gorgeous addition to any large tree. I love that even the ribbon is a luxury grey velvet. If you do go for a more petite option, you could use this as the star on top, or even use them as beautiful festive napkin rings for your Christmas dinner table.

The White Company have a range of mercury baubles, with this dove (Mercury Dove £6) being my favourite, hung at the  top of the tree so no naughty little hands can grab him!

I've got a few more decorations to share with you in the run up to Christmas, I do hope you are enjoying reading these festive posts as much as I am enjoying creating them.


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