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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Decorations: Gisela Graham

Last weekend I managed to sneak up a Christmas tree. We had the in-laws visiting and all the males were watching rugby. My mother-in-law, who is as excitable about christmas as I am encouraged me and we got to work getting festive. However, the weekend just gone has been THE official christmas decorating weekend at BMB HQ. Every room has been getting a festive touch and I have constructed my second tree. 

I blame my mother for my need of two Christmas trees, as she has brought me up on this phenomenon. One in their hall so you feel festive as you approach and one in the heart of the home. So, last year I persuaded my husband that out little faux tree should go in our lounge bay window which you see from the street and we should get a real tree for our kitchen. Our underfloor heating slightly killed the real tree, so this year we have purchased a 7 foot beautiful fake tree as well. 

 I have different themes for the two trees ‘frosty morn’ this name is a bit of a joke - a white and silver decorated tree was named this in the John Lewis cataloge a few years back, and the name has stuck, as has my chose in decs. 

 The other does keep changing, depending on the decoration that I have, and this year, I have named the theme ‘Scandinavian Forest’ as I have white and red, scandi wooden decorations, and little woodland animals. To cement this theme, when I popped to RHS Wisley Gardens the other week, I picked up a few decorations by Gisela Graham. These bushy little friends are just too cute and I know baby S will just love them next year too. They are also available online at Blossom and Walker for £4.50 each.

I will be sharing with you some other decorations I've picked up this year in the run up to Christmas, for both trees and the rest of my home, I hope you like them and are enjoying getting ready for Christmas too.


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