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Wednesday 2 December 2015

No Stress Weaning

Being a mum so far I've learnt one crucial thing. Overtime you think your starting to get to grips with life, everything changes again. Weaning is the perfect example. I finally felt like I'd cracked feeding, Sophie was following her growth chart perfectly and I was EBF like a pro. Then as her half birthday approached, my mummy what's app groups started filling with discussions on when and how to start weaning. I must admit I felt really apprehensive and how ever much advice I heard and websites I read.

I waited until Sophie was a week off turning 6 months and decided to do a combination of baby and parent led weaning. I decided that I'd rather be playing with Sophie or using my time in the evening to relax or catch up with my blog or other jobs rather than making purees, so I  quickly go on board with Ella's Kitchen. For the 1st stages of weaning they have little pouches of just one fruit of veggie that you can get your little ones to try. At 80p a pouch I don't think this was too bad, seeing as the cost of the fruit or veg and cooking costs would probably be nearly that much and if it was refused, I wouldn't be too down hearted, that said, all were a hit. I also used little freezer pots from JoJo Maman Bebe to divide up the contents of the pouches as she only had such a small amount to start with, these come with little labels (which you can also buy separately) so you can keep tabs on contents and when you froze them and as she has got older, I have moved up the stages and little S loved the 'proper meal pouches' too.

As I also gave S finger food, this lead to a new level of mess and I decided that a double bib system was needed to keep her cloths from getting ruined! I use a long armed bib from JoJo Maman Babe with a BabyBjorn pelican bib to catch the dropped times and take the hit on most of the mess.

I have been challenged by the team at Annabel Karmel and Beaba to make some meals myself, so, watch this space I might get cooking....!

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