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Friday, 18 December 2015

Meeting Father Christmas

This year I've been getting super festive, getting the tree up nice and early, going skating at Hampton Court and going to lots of Christmas themed baby groups and parties. However, the one thing that has excited me the most, was organising to take baby Sophie to meet Father Christmas. I know she won't have had a clue about what was going on, or won't remember going, but I just had to take her! Back in September mummy blogging pal Nathalie from This Surrey Mummy was running me through the possible venues and I took up her recommendation of Painshill Park. Luckily Nat is super organised and reminded me through her blog when the online booking system opened and we were in! 

Last weekend was THE magical weekend where we got to meet the big man. Despite being slightly worse for wear from my work Christmas party the night before we all donned out Christmas woolies and headed towards Cobham. 

 I am in love with my Boden Christmas jumper (£79 - now reduced to £55.30), the reindeers around the neck are beautiful and their little red noses stick out slightly too, which adds to the appeal. It's also think enough to be snug, but not ridiculously thick that you're melting as soon as you go indoors. I've had more than one admirable comment on it so far! Sophie was wearing her penguin jumper from mother care (£12-£13) which I wrote about in my baby Christmas jumper post here and I event persuaded Mr BMB to join in and wear his reindeer jumper from fat face too (£45). 

Directed by wooden elves and Santas through the woodland and round the lake we arrived at the crystal grotto, where we were directed into a cabin by an elf and eating until it was our turn. Our elf collected us and took us through http the grotto making Sophie laugh and giggle on the way. The grotto was truly beautiful, full of crystals and lights making it twinkle. The Man In Red was waiting for us and I was so impressed that he was a 'proper' Father Christmas, he totally looked the part. Little S was sat on his knee and I took far too many photographs, although Santa's heater gave out a funny red light that have made the photos all look a bit strange... I loved that it was our moment, we couldn't see or hear anyone else who was waiting it had just been which would have totally changed the experience. 

Tired out S had a nap in her pram whilst Mr BMB and I wondered round the beautiful park making Christmas plans, then we went home and hung our wreath on the front door (last year from M&S). What a lovely festive day!


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