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Monday 26 June 2017

Midsummer - Swedish Style

We have big celebrations in most seasons; Bonfire night and halloween in the Autumn, Christmas & New Year in the winter and the sprig has easter. But there isn’t comparative festivities in the summer. The sandinavians however, don’t let this special time of year to pass with out a proper party. Midsummer, which was on saturday is where the Swede’s celebrate one of their most important times of year.

The swedish celebration of midsummer rivals christmas as the top annual party, and my lovely swedish friend Cecelia never lets it pass without a proper shindig!

The past two years we have celebrated at her home and this year I cam prepared with my camera to capture the special day. However, I totally forgot about getting dressed in a pretty summer dress, so Sophie and I arrived in jeans - but as we live super close I whizzed back to grab a lace peach dress (years old from Zara) and Sophie's cute Boden frock (which is in the sale!).

Traditionally the party starts at midday, when the girls settle down to make floral wreaths to wear in their hair for the rest of the day. I was surround by the girls who have made these garlands annually, and even though this wasn’t my first attempt, they really put my effort to shame! Luckily whilst I was a little slower creating my band, the lovely Emma made one for little Sophie in traditional swedes coloured flowers. As the flowers will only last the day, we had picked up inexpensive blooms and ones on offer so we didn’t spend a fortune. I loved my crown, and only took it off when I went to bed!

Chris & Cecelia are always the most amazing hosts and excelled themselves again, we had the most amazing buffet of traditional midsummer dishes - pickled herring (which is much nicer than it sounds!) quiches, potatoes and amazing salads. The feasting was only interrupted by singing swedish midsummer songs followed by sipping on unsweetened schnapps.

How amazing is this cake? Three layers of sponge with strawberries and fresh cream…. yummy!

We had just finished lunch, when Chris fired up the BBQ to get started on dinner… this was an eating marathon! 

Whilst the ribs slow cooked we played in the garden with Sophie until the heavens opened, the boys diligently strayed cooking whilst we all ran for cover! Well it wouldn’t have been a British Midsummer without a spot of rain.

We had brought the travel cot, so poor Sophie was put to bed missing out on all the sausages and ribs. After dinner was gobbled, (yes we were hungry again!) we sat around the fire pit listening to music and enjoying each others company, way after the Midsummer sun had set.

Midsummer is now a tradition that I will 100% be keeping in our little family and I’ve hoped I’ve inspired you to bring a bit of scandi style to your June!


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