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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kneipp Bath and Body Care

Recently I was introduced to Kneipp, a bath and body brand that has been around for over 120 years. It was first developed by priest Sebastian Kneipp who used herbal remedies to try and cure TB. Kneipp still use plant extracts in their products and are always free from paraffin, silicone and mineral oils. The lovely Kneipp team gave me some lovely goodies to try out and tell you all about...

I am much more of a bubble bath girl than bath salt as they don't feel as cleansing, but I do really like the Kneipp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salts  (£7.95/500g), containing Red Poppy and Hemp essential oils, the aroma is richly floral and really relaxing. I did misread the instructions thinking it said 3-4 caps rather than 3/4 cap, so my bath was very intense in aroma and very red in colour, which was a little off-putting! The Cold & Sinus version is rich in mint and Eucalyptus which really would clear the senses if you were struck down by a cold or hay-fever (mine is starting to appear prematurely this year....grrr!)

I never really have the need  for massage oil, but if you do have an obliging masseuse, Kneipp's lightly fragranced Massage Oil (£9.95/100ml) is fortified with Arnica Blossom, Ginger and Almond Oil which has muscle relaxing properties.

Kneipp is adding two new fragrances to their body wash range in June, Enjoy Life (pictured) which contains May Chang and Lemon essential oils. May Chang has uplifting qualities which are meant to relieve fatigue and promote mental calm. I have never smelt May Chang essential oil but doing a little web-based research, it isn't meant to have an amazing aroma, however, the Enjoy Life body wash is intensely lemony and smells like (a non-alcoholic version) limonchello - so if you like a super lemony invigorating shower, you'll love this. The shower gels are nice and thick and not too pricey at £4.45. The other fragrance launching with Enjoy Life is Cheerful Mind containing Passion Fruit and Grapefruit oils.

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