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Thursday, 17 April 2014

RMK Spring Collection

I've discovered a new make-up brand which I really like, but had never heard of until super recently. RMK - I wrote a post about the Cleansing Balm, and now I've delved a little deeper into the make-up collection. The products are nicely packaged in little silver boxes which a have little tempting phrases all over to make you want to pick them up and give them ago, the make up casing themselves are also in little silver cases which are stylish and understated.

One of my favorite items from the pieces I tried is the UV Powder Foundation (£41) which comes in a case with an applicator sponge. It is made of of layers of two differently textured powders, one pearlescent and one matte powder, which gives a high coverage, taking away all blemishes to give a near flawless base for your makeup, which is really impressive for a powder. It is available in a range of 9 different shades, so hopefully you can find one to suit. Amazingly it is SPF 30 - so no nasty damaging UV can get through! You can also by refills for the case (£32), so you can be eco-friendly too.

I also really like the Kaleidoscope Eyes pallet in White Pink (£18) which is a trio of three shades, with instructions on how to use, which is super easy, you sweep the main colour over your lid then blend the other two shades over the top. The two white shades are different, with blend 2 being much more shimmery. 

The Sheer Powder Cheeks in Cherry (£26) is a really pretty shade, being highly pigment, I much prefer to the Kaleidoscope Cheeks (£20) which I thought I'd love, but it didn't really show up on my skin, which is why I haven't included any swatches, it is really pretty in the pictures, but after first use they blend together. However, if you have a paler complexion, it might be worth trying it on your skin tone. 

My final pick which I really like are the W Crayon & Gloss Lips (£22) pictured in Coral Orange and Cherry Red. The double ended product features a lip crayon at one end, which gives a matte colour to the lip, then sweep across the non-sticky gloss for a high-shine finish. They look really cute and I love the Coral Orange shade.

So here is a quick snap of me wearing my fav bits (UV Powder Foundation in shade 102, Kaleidoscope Eyes pallet in White Pink, Sheer Powder Cheeks in Cherry and W Crayon & Gloss Lips in Coral Orange)

Do you have any favorites?

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