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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Lancer The Method: Polish

Sometimes I try expensive skincare and really don't get what all the fuss is about. Yes is smells nice. Yes it has a thick consistency, but otherwise, how is it better than the supermarket alternative? Lancer The Method: Polish, however, is at the other spectrum. It doesn't really have a fragrance, its feels like any other exfoliator, but boy, it makes my skin FEEL amazing. At £60, this doesn't come cheap, but what do you expect for a product created by Hollywood's favorite dermatologist, with a clinic on Rodeo Drive and sold exclusively in the UK at Harrods. However, the mixture of minerals and plant enzymes which resurfaces your skin leaves it feeling so soft and supple that I don't get the crave to put on moisturiser that I do with all other exfloiators. The Polish also infuses oxygen into the skin whilst removing dead and dull skin cells to help boost your natural cell turnover, resulting in newer skin cells being at the surface, which give a fresher and younger looking complexion. Since trying this product, I have become a bit addicted and have to stop myself using it every day - going for a twice weekly treat.


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