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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bliss triple oxygen energizing mask

When Bliss Spa London opened in 2001, its Triple Oxygen Treatment was on all of the celebs and beauty editors wish list. Luckily, since then Bliss have launch a range of products to mimic their spa treatment, so we can all experience their fab treatments for a fraction of the cost in out own homes.

Their Triple Oxygen Energising Mask is one of my favourite products in this range. You smooth the gel onto your damp face and the mask froths as the oxygen is releases. After you've left the mask on for 5 minutes you rise off with warm water.
The science behind it is that anaerobic bacteria (don't need oxygen to survive) find oxygen-rich environments difficult to live in, so all of the oxygen released by the mask banishes them, detoxifying your skin and helping prevent breakouts.

I found that if left my skin feeling smooth and soft, whilst reviving my dulled skin. I tend to use it on a Monday morning to perk up my completion and on a Friday to look my best for the weekend.

It is quite pricey at £39.90/100ml, but it has won InSyle's Best Beauty Buy 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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