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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Veet hair minimising moisturiser

Maintaining super-smooth, fuzz-free pins requires a high-maintainace beauty routine and as as the summer sun sets and the opaque tights are pulled out of the cupboards, a distant memory.
When autumn sets in, leg shaving becomes more of a weekly activity so when Veet suggested I try their new hair minimising body moisturiser I thought why not?

With Veet claiming that 82% of women experiencing longer lasting smoothness, I decided to conduct a little scientific experiment of my own. So every morning for the last three weeks I have applied the product to my left leg and a normal body moisturiser to the other.

I was secretly hoping that this would be a miracle product and banish all my unwanted fluff, whilst this hasn't been the case, I have still been pleased with the results. My right leg is certainly more 'follically active' than the left which has had the Veet moisturiser treatment. I was also impressed with the fragrance, which smells slightly of apricot rather than of any chemical nasties.

I have quite sensitive skin and haven't experiences any adverse reactions (they do also do a sensitive version), and at £4.99/250ml it won't break the bank. My only worry is my now, un-even legs... time to start applying to both of my pins.

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