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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Treacle Moon: One Ginger Morning

Ginger cakes, biscuits, pickled ginger with sushi, crystallised ginger - I'm hooked. I am totally OBSESSED with Origins Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash, it smells like heaven and is so thick and luxurious you feel totally pampered but at £18/250ml its a little pricey for every day.

In my search for a cheaper ginger bath time delight, I stumbled upon 'One Ginger Morning' by Treacle Moon. The colour looks synthetic, but I think this is to tie in with the bright colours they use for their other fragrances. It smells lovely but its consistency isn't a patch on my favourite, but compares well to products in its price range - and at £3/500ml it is a real bargain.

I also love that each of the fragrances has a little story on the front 'Wakey wakey duvet princess...' a nice touch to have some reading material in the shower!

You can only buy Treacle Moon on their site, or at Tescos (love a supermarket beauty buy!).
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