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Friday, 19 July 2013

Pre-sun Post-sun skincare

It's Summer! The season where we wave good bye to the miserable british weather and head for warmer shores... But as the heat wave that we are currently enjoying is with us for the coming weeks we beed to be thinking about sun-care products at home as well as for out week in the sun.
A couple of products I am currently loving will help prevent any over-pinkingof your  precious complexion and soothe when you've over done it.

When the sun is super strong the SPF in your normal moisturiser/make up just doesn't cut it and to prevent ageing and damaging UV attacking your akin, you need to send in the big guns. I'm loving Piz Buin Allergy Face Cream SPF 50 (£11.99/40ml) as this advanced UVA/UVB protection for sun sensitive skin also contains the antioxidant Calmanelle which helps reinforce your cells defences against UV rays and can increase skin cell tolerance to the sun. As well as all this goodness it feels like a proper face moisturiser as well, it sinks quickly into the skin and you are left with a hydrated, soft complexion. You will also be super smug and chic when everyone around you has shiny red noses and cheeks.

Despite all my talk about ultra high SPF for my face, i do enjoy lounging around in the sun and getting bronzed. So aftercare of my skin is just as crucial. A great aftersun that locks in moisture is always on my pre-holiday list and this year I opted for Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun in Coconut and Papaya (£11.99/180ml). The smell is so tropical and yummy and the ribbons of aloe gel refresh and cool the skin whist the lotion containing sheer butter and silk protein moisturise. It also looks so pretty too!

What are your sun protection and tanning tips? Xxx


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