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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Party Legs: St Moriz Instant Wash Off Tanning Lotion

Getting ready for a 30th birthday party on Saturday night, the sun was still shining so I decided to pop on a short coral and cream pokadot frock sans hosiery. I haven't fake tanned recently, so needed a quick fix to get my pins ready. Luckily I had just been sent an instant tanning lotion by St Moriz.

Having been caught out in my earlier days of applying instant tans, I now always use disposable gloves for application, you can get cheap pairs from the supermarkets or a chemist and you can wash and reuse. So important to avoid getting tell-tale monkey paws.

The lotion smoothed into the skin really easily and didn't dry so fast that you couldn't rub in any uneven areas, but was dry enough not to worry about transferring the tan after I had finished application.

one leg tanned
I really liked the tone of the tan - not orangy at all and really natural looking, giving me a bit more confidence, and brown legs always look slimmer than their paler ones.

St Moriz Instant Wash Off Tanning Lotion £4.99/150ml  from Tesco

I've also got the regular tanning range to try from St Moritz and I'm looking forward to sharing the results.

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