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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Concoctions Hair Care Launch Selfridges

We can now buy hair products filled with ingredients to help with colour, style and heat protection. However, you only tend to get one of your needs met in each product. New brand Concoction has totally solved this problem - you are ale to customise your own shampoo!

This brand launch on Thursday at Selfridges where I made my bespoke shampoo. It works by choosing your base fragrance, I went for Black Pepper and Citrus, but also fell in love with Lemon and Verbena. They all smell so luxurious! Next is the super fun part, as you choose two 'shots' to make your shampoo bespoke. Options include shots for different hair colours, volumising and moisturising. 

I opted for 'Back to your roots' which really cleanses your locks, removing build up of styling products and 'Thermostraight' to protect my tresses from heat styling equipment that I use too regularly. Then you give the bottle a good shake, like a cocktail, and you are good to go! The conditioner that also launched on Thursday doesn't have any shots to add, but maybe this will change in the future, such a fun idea. Here is a little video of my mixologists at Selfriges making up my Concoction:

The products are really gorgeous and I've really enjoyed using them, as I mentioned the fragrances are amazing and the high-end products mean you need only a small amount to get a good lather going! The shampoo is priced at £14 and conditioner £16 available online or at Selfridges and come in this fab little box.


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