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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

HD Brows

Back in the late nineties we all plucked our eyebrows to the millimetres of their lives, leaving fashionable skinny arcs. However now the trend for thicker, fuller brows is with us simply not plucking wont turn back the hands of time and we chastise ourselves for not leaving them well alone.

There are now a range of products to help us achieve what the likes of Cara et al have naturally. Since the trend for more defined  brows arrived, I have generally used a pencil to give the illusion of thickness, but without careful tiny hair like strokes it can look very fake and obvious.  So when HD Brows sent me their brow palette to try I was intrigued at what the results would be.

I opted for the 'dark brown' in the Foxy palette (£19.96) for brunettes as it is very close to my natural colour, but you can blend the shades to get your perfect match. There are also palette for very dark hair and blondies. In each compact also contains a nude colour, which is great for applying under the brow line for a more defined arc.

I really love the effect, it makes my look more sleek, sexy and polished - not descriptors that I would normally use for myslef - and really easy to achieve, the powder clings to your existing brows, so thickening and darkening what you have already, whilst the non-smudge formaula keeps the particles in place for 24 hours.

For me, I don't think so would do every day, saving for nights out, or when ai want to feel more 'done', what do you think? Xxx


  1. This looks amazing! I'm obsessed with brows so will definitely have to get it! Thanks for sharing this.....

    Have you got individual lashes in? They look really good



  2. Thanks lovely, obsessed now too! Lashes reviewed here:

  3. Your eyebrows looks great with a really good natural finish!

    1. Thanks Keisha, such an easy way to define my brows x


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