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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rigby and Peller

When it comes to lingerie, I must admit I am more of an M&S girl, however, I would love to only wear gorgeous designer undies. Therefore I was super jealous when my sister told me about her recent trip to Rigby & Peller, so I asked her to tell us all about it.

"Every so often you read that something like half of all women wear the wrong size bra. Inspired by my return to the office after maternity leave, I decided to visit a 'proper' lingerie store to see if I was one of them.

My store of choice was the new arrival on Bow Lane - a secret little chic shoppery in the heart of the City of London - of the Queen's corsetiere, Rigby and Peller. Buoyed up by the 50% off signs in the window, I grabbed my lovely colleague Alice for moral support and headed in.

We were ushered downstairs to the cavernous fitting rooms and the professionals began their work. No need for tape measures, the lovely fitters can tell your size by looking as you, so she then disappeared off with the promise of lovely undies...

Returning with an armful of beautiful bras - sadly none in the sale - she helped me to try them on. I was completely sold on the lovely fabric and fantastic fit although they were pricey - around £70-£80 for a bra and £50 for briefs.  The bras had a clever feature which allowed the straps to be hooked together to make a racer back, and a more striking cleavage...

I chose two bras and the beautiful matching briefs, Although I cant quite believe I spent £50 on a pair of pants, they are beautiful - and Alice chose the same set. ( Simone Perele Amour, Padded Plunge Bra £82.95, Simone Perele Amour Tanga £39.95 and Shorty, not shown, £53.95)

R&P also stock some gorgeous swimwear from which I had to drag myself away - about £200 for a bikini, I'm hoping my favourite goes into the sale later in the summer!)

Maryan Mehlhorn Jumeirah Garden Moulded Plunge Bikini £165.00)

And yes, I was wearing the wrong size bra..."

Sounds like Katie had a really fun girlie day, and although it may sound a bit of a splurge, having an item of clothing, accessory or lingerie that you totally love and makes you feel really special when you wear it is totally worth it.

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