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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Elkin Jewellery Pop Up Shop

Shopping on the internet can be hazardous, want looks fabulous on the website's photos graphs in reality can be nasty in reality. Therefore I love it when a small brand has a pop up shop where you get to see the products in the flesh to decide on your purchase.

Renowned for skull designs, Elkin is running a pop up shop near London's Oxford street this week, so yesterday I popped in for a peak at their new collections from designer Eloise Mekin.

One of my favourite pieces is the turquoise 'Straight to the heart' necklace £75, which would add a striking addition to your outfit.
I also loved the 'Creepy kind of love' bracelet at £69 which has 3 different coloured metal bugs creeping around your wrist. 

To view the entire collection visit the Elkin pop up shop this week at 1.16 Kingley Court W1B 5PT or have a peak at their website.



  1. They are all so beautiful. I love the beetle ones x
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Me too! The underside is the underside if the bug too xxx


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