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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Summer Essentials

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I love summer! As the days are warming up I love nothing better than to enjoy the sun and get glowing skin. However, there is nothing gorgeous about sunburn, so I have been smothering my self in the non greasy SPF 50 sun oil from La Roshe-Posay (£17.50 - but on 3-4-2 at Boots at the moment). After sun exposure I've then been dosing myself in Soltan Intensely Moisturising After Sun (£7 - but currently half price at Boots - its sun care bargain time!) which has a body-butter consistency and is enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil which soothes, reduces dryness and helps to prevent peeling, for a long-lasting beautiful tan and smells yummy.
To get the tan I do really want, I've been building it up gradually with Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion (£34.50) which results in a lovely natural colour. It does smell amazing when you first apply, but does sadly end up smelling disappointingly biscuity, they all do! I am obsessed with body oil, as you may know if you read my blog regularly, and recently I've been enjoying the subtly glimmery Dove Purely Pampering Body Oil (£8.99) to set it off.

I also thought I'd show you my new Cancun beach towel from Sheridan (£49) and Salcombe Sunglasses from the Joules range in Vision Express (£60) - Love Summer accessories!

La Roshe Posay SPF 50

Soltan intensely moistursing aftersun

Elemis total glow bronzing body lotion

dove shimmer body oil

Joules sunglasses

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