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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bloggers meet up at Five Guys

Five Guys

Normally I try an eat healthily, but now an again you have to have a total blow out - and last Monday was one of those times. I headed into town to Covent Garden to meet up with some of my fave bloggers (Gemma from This London Life, Maddie from Fundamentally Flawless and Amanda from Belle de la Presse) to gorge ourselves on burgers at the new(ish) American chain To hit the UK: Five Guys to chat all things Carmex. Be warned, the que to the counter can go out of the door, but these burgers are totally worth waiting for, even though the ordering style is Mc Donald's style.
I opted for the cheeseburger (£8) and added a few free toppings (ketchup, mustard, pickles and grilled onion) and we shared some Cajun fries (regular £4). Although the fries were pretty standard, the burger was really yummy, the best I've had apart from homemade. I pushed through and managed to finish it, although Gemma blogger of This London Life was totally defeated - next time I might go for the mini cheeseburger (£6.50) for those with smaller appetites.
I'd been told that that soft drinks options were massive, so was a little disappointed when we first approached the massive machine with our cups (that you can keep topping up). There were about 20 different options, but when I hit the Fanta button I was then given about 10 more options, and I went for the peach - super sweet, but a fun change.

Although this calorie loaded dinner isn't for every night of the week, it was such a fun evening and I would totally recommend if you are a burger fun!

Five Guys

Five Guys

Five Guys bloggers

Five Guys drinks


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