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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

He-Shi 1 Hour Tan

He Shi 1 hour tan

When the mercury rises we want to get the sundresses out, but if you haven't been on holiday, or aren't partial to melting in the sun's heat getting the pasty white limbs out can be a bit daunting. My answer this summer has been a variety of fake tanning products. The week before last, I woke up on the Sunday morning and remembered I was heading out for a cycle ride with friends and needed to bronze up my pins. Time not being on my side, I popped on He-Shi's 1 hour tan (£22.50/150ml). Being a liquid, it can be a bit messy, as I got a few drips on the floor (luckily washable tiles- don't tan on a carpet!) but using the mitt (£3.85), and the tanner being dark brown, I was able to get a even and non-streaky layer over me. I then headed downstairs to breakfast and read the sunday papers then it was time to wash off and see the results. Being only on for 1 hour, it doesn't have much time for the biscuity fake tan smell to develop, which I appreciated, and if your busy, an hour really does go fast. The tan did transfer onto my clothes, so don't wear your fave outfit whilst you wait for it to develop - but the marks came off easily in the wash.
I was pleased with the even subtle bronzed glow the tan gave me, good for those new or nervous of tanning. I then added a layer of He-Shi's Sublime Dry Oil (£20/150ml) to help lock in the tan. I much prefer an oil to moisturiser in the heat as it doesn't make you sweat and gives a nice healthy glow to exposed skin and was perfect for my sunday cycle and BBQ to follow.

He Shi 1 hour tan

He Shi 1 hour tan


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